Thursday, December 30, 2004

I can hardly believe it’s almost 2005. This past year went by very quickly.

1) It’s almost 2005 and that means it will be a new year and the time when many feel it is a chance to complete all those ignored tasks of 2004 – - so in keeping with the tradition of many, do you have any resolutions? Yup...I'll record them quickly and then never read them again. It seems that I have a tendency to self sabotage myself. So, if I don't know, I can't screw it up, right?!

- Spend quality with B. and Buddah
- Spend quality time with my mom
- Lose weight
- Post a photo a day to my photo blog
- Read the Bible in its entirety
- Read two books (that's a challenge for me)
- Save money
- Exercise three times weekly
- Get even more use out of my Disneyland Passport
- Work on maintaining friendships with retirees. It's so hard when I don't see them anymore and one, in particular, doesn't do email!!!

2) What will you be doing when the clock strikes midnight?
I'll be with B. and uh, who knows!

3) Instead of making a list of news, political, entertainment and other events that took place during 2004 I thought I’d just break it down into favorites. What were your favorites in 2004?

Favorite Movie: Saw an awesome psychological thriller that scared me good!
Favorite Song: Um, none that I want to publish! LOL
Favorite TV Show: The Wire
Favorite Political Event: The Bruce Springsteen fundraising concert
Favorite Product: Palm PDA
Favorite Person: B.
Favorite Book: Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort by Allen & Linda Anderson
Favorite Magazine: Us
Favorite News Outlet: CNN

5) Time to spread some ringing in the new year “Blogcess” linky love. These are some of my latest additions to the blogroll. Sorry, I don't maintain a Blogroll, but it's coming!

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