Monday, December 13, 2004

Auto Repair

I'm still waiting and hoping the mechanic can diagnose the problem and repair the car today. What is said about Angeleno's being very autocentric is all so true. My steed to freedom is missing and I'm empty without it. Of course, I don't want to rush the mechanic and risk having the car die on me again while in motion on the freeway. That experience added some gray hair, I'm sure.

My first thought was "It's time for a new car. I can never feel safe in this car again." However, once I calmed down, I began thinking about the seemingly endless car payments and increased auto insurance payments. With the extensive dental work I'm having done, a new auto isn't my best option at this time. But can I drive the car with confidence? Well, that remains to be seen. Let's hope the repair doesn't cost an arm and leg, because if it does, I'm up a creek without a paddle! LOL

Nothing like expensive - er, I mean, extensive - dental work, car repairs and the Christmas holiday to raise one's blood pressure, cause sleepness nights and make for very bad hair days! Why don't I just shave it all off and have one less thing to hassle with?

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