Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Work- Related Thankful
I'm thankful for...

- gainful employment and a work environment that makes it nice to go to work.

- great co-worker's that make my time there feel like a second family.

- great office location where there's plenty to do and see during lunch. Also, plenty of photo opps!

- a safe and relaxing work environment with a great supervisor

- an abundance of eateries within five minutes of the office and a large variety of cuisine.

- music in the workplace. B. and I listen to music daily and share our CDs. I can't work without music!

- being in the basement. We don't get a lot of the office politics associated with several departments on one floor being separated by cubicles. Of course, we don't have any windows either and can't receive radio/TV reception, but that's okay.

- working twenty minutes from home (local surface street commute). I don't encounter much congestion and it's relatively stress free. Working so close to home allowed me the flexibility to pick Buddah up from the vet and take him home. I couldn't stand the thought of him staying at the vet all day waiting for us to pick him up. That's a very long day!

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