Friday, November 26, 2004

Weekly Capsule

- Chit Chat, our adopted cat, is still missing. A lady would enter our unfenced yard with plates full of cat food in an attempt to entice him. We kept chasing her away and telling her that he was our cat. She stopped coming around about one month ago and now he's gone. He was a very friendly cat and would throw himself on the ground and let anyone pet him. He had a very trusting and gentle spirit. I pray he's alright and in a good home.

- Disappointed that the fryer I ordered from QVC hasn't arrived yet. I thought about buying turkey parts (i.e. breast, thighs) and frying them for Thanksgiving. Have you ever had a fried turkey? They're the absolutely delicious and not greasy at all. I have a whole turkey fryer, but it's so large and takes so long to heat the oil, that the QVC electric fryer looked like an ideal solution.

- It was so cold this morning, the car's heater took ten minutes to heat the interior and I was chilled to the bone. Thank God for my mega cup of hot tea! B. can make all the fun she wants and tell our co-workers how my cups of tea just aren't big enough, but my core will be warm and toasty!

- Seeing Giselle as I pulled in this a.m. She keeps her car parked at the station and uses it to drive to the office and back. She then boards a train to and from home. We see each other infrequently, but it was nice to commiserate and wish each other a happy holiday.

- "What, I thought the grocery store would be busy on Wednesday, not today!"
Standing in a snaking line with my mom at Ralphs.

- Spending time with mom grocery shopping, buying specials at Rite Aid and finishing the evening off with dinner at Chinese Gardens. Some delicious Chinese food before the traditional holiday meal sounded real good to me. Love the vegetables, noodles and variety. Don't need to eat heavy meat dishes right now!

- Must be the holidays....traffic's moving and the freeway meters aren't on. I know many schools are closed Wednesday through Friday, so parents have to take time off to be home with the kiddies. Woo hoo for the rest of us!

- Dying to leave work early from the moment I arrived! We were allowed to depart two hours early, which was fine by us. The place sounded like a morgue in a matter of seconds.

- It's was so warm today and still sunny and light when I arrived home, we decided to wash both cars and let Buddah play outside. It's wonderful to be able to wash the cars and feel warm sunlight upon us.

- "Well, our tree's bare, so I guess autumn's passed."
Spouse surveying our bald tree.

- Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and scouring the ads, while listening to Los Lonely Boys. Realizing we don't need or want anything they're offering at 60% discount for the early birds. Sure, we could buy stuff just because, but where would we put it?

- "How many Dominos should there be in a set of double nines? I think we may be missing one."

- Decorating the outdoors with our wrought iron angel and wreath. (Photos will follow) ;-0

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