Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ugh, what is up with Blogger?? It is taking forever to access my page. Forget about updating it. It seems to be DOA. Anyone else having problems? I uploaded photos using Hello and now I can't access them to edit them. I've been waiting for like, 25 minutes, this is ridiculous!

I arrived home late this evening, and was surprised to see the police and fire department approximately five houses down the block from me. Spouse and a neighbor both thought the emergency vehicles were at our home as they returned from work!

It appears there was an auto accident and fuel spilled. I can't be certain since I'm not allowed closer than the photo, but I could see an object in the middle of the road and fluid. It's pretty nippy outside, so I'm sure they can't be happy about having to hang around outside diverting traffic and pedestrians.

I went to Circuit City to take advantage on an awesome DVD sale. I bought Doouble Jeopardy and Frailty for $5.99 each. Both are good movies and if you haven't seen Frailty, run out and buy it (at this price it's a steal) or rent it. I also bought Christmas CDs by Luther Vandross and Ray Charles, two of my all time favorite artists!

Now, if I can ever access my blog, maybe you'll be able to read this!

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