Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ten for Tuesday
Ten Things You're Thankful For

- B. my wonderful spouse who is the light of my life!
- My family (including nephews and nieces) and the abundant love and support they give me.
- Buddah my faithful fur companion and protector.
- My job
- Living in the U.S.A. where I can blog freely without fear of reprisal
- My computer
- My digital cameras
- Friends
- Good health
- For being loved and loving.

TV Tuesday
What'd you watch?

1. What's your favorite thing you've watched in the past week? The Punisher on DVD. A friend bought it for me and I was pleasantly surprised. The music reminded me a lot of the first Batman movie.

2. Have you found anything new you liked? (You can use disliked or any other adjective you want.)

3. For those who had access to them, did you see any really cool parades on TV? I watched the Hollywood Christmas Parade on TV, even though I'm literally 25 minutes drive from it! LOL It was too cold, though, to be there in person.

~Bonus~ Holiday dinner: TV on or off? Definitely off...TV can be watched after dinner.

Tuesday Twosome

1. Are you almost finished with your holiday shopping or you haven't started yet? Almost finished. B. is pining for a Tivo and it looks like this is the year to buy it! I'm not saying it's a sure thing, but close enough.

2. What do the holidays mean to you? How does this affect how you celebrate the holidays? It means another opportunity to spend time with family and create more memories. It means recoginiizing how fortunate I am and appreciating what I have and who I have in my life. It means counting my many blessing and reaffirming what is most important in life. Material things are not what is important. God, love, family, health, happiness and serenity are what is important.

3. Are you going away for the holidays or staying home? I'm stayhing home, very close to home.

4. What two things do you like about this time of year? Reminiscing and the wonderful and colorful decorations, both indoor and out.

5. What two things do you dislike about this time of year? The commercialism and the stress.

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