Monday, November 29, 2004

Music Mambo
"Holiday Wishlists"

It's officially the holiday season. Time to shop and be shopped for. So in the spirit of the busiest time of the year, the mambo will be about musical gifts.

What album do you want the most for the holiday? It's a gift set of either The Beatles (the Capitol albums) or Elton John's Anthology.

Are you buying any of your friends or family music for Christmas? What are you buying them? Well, this year we're not exchanging gifts, only the children are receiving gifts. I'm having extensive dental work done, so for me, it's a good thing. I don't usually buy music, though, because it's hard to know who has what. Gift cards for Best Buy, Frys, or Circuit City are my favorite gifts to give.

What was the best musical gift you ever received? (Doesn't have to be for the holiday season)

Are there any holiday concerts you want to attend? No. This time's too hectic as is and I wouldn't have time for a concert! LOL

Other than CDs what music or music related gifts are on your wishlist? Oooh, a hard drive MP3 player and a flash drive MP3 player. The hard drive for the main unit and flash player for walking/exercising. Also, if it gets stolen I won't be as upset.

I saw an awesome book on John Lennon at Target Saturday night. I was so tired, I can't remember the name now!!!! It sold for $39.99 and it had....wait, spouse is so smart. I was told to go to and do a search....I found it. It's titled Lennon Legend and is at forf $28.00.

Do you keep a wishlist at Amazon or any other site for your musical wants? I do keep a wishlist at, though, I've never known anyone to use it! LOL It's been suggested that I add it to my blog, but that just doesn't feel right for me. I don't know. Anyone else tried it?

I'd like gift cards for Frys, Best Buy and Circuit City - no surprise, huh? I love receiving gift cards because I can pick what I want, rather than receive what's the current hit or what the media says is popular.

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