Saturday, March 08, 2008

~ When did car washes become so expensive and yet, you have to babysit them and tell them to vacuum the trunk. To even open it and wipe the rim of the darn thing!

~ Providing free wi-fi while you wait is awesome, but really, I shouldn't have to ask you to wipe the bumper.

~ Twitter has become so addictive, I don't blog anymore. It's sad really because a blog allows me to elaborate on a subject, however, once it's mentioned on Twitter that's enough for me.

~ Any readers of this blog left? If so, do you Tweet? E-me your handle please.

~ Recently rented American Gangster starring Denzel Washington and this is a film I would buy. Excellent movie about the heroin trade during the late sixties and how a man utilized the military to his advantage and the Vietnam war to build his drug empire.

~ Have also rented We Own the Night starring Mark Walburg and Joaquin Phoenix about two brothers, one a police officer, the other running with a rough crowd and how they're individually affected by criminals.

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