Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How to explain my absence

Quite simply, I can't.

I haven't felt like blogging lately which makes me both happy and very sad.

Happy because it frees me to do other things.

Sad because I do enjoy and miss it. Maybe it's a love / hate situation?

Either way, I am trying to remedy it. Part of the challenge remains in the limitations of moblogging. Yes I know, all could be easily solved if I bought an iPhone. It would allow me to surf the web and read/write email, as well as post to my blog.

Problem is I don't have $700 lying around just itching to be spent. And if I did, I can think of more pressing things that could use that amount of attention, if you catch my drift?

Haven't been up to too much lately. I've taken a road trip here and there. Dropped some cash on a portable audio recording device, the M-Audio Microtrack 2496, which I totally love. The sound quality is fantastic.

Also bought a new car out of necessity. The old one died and I needed transportation.

Ah yes, I'm still in email hell with no end in sight.

This about covers it.

Maybe I've lost my touch and should simply Twitter my life???

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