Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I remember about my Dad

~ As long as Dad had a deck of cards he could keep me entertained while
teaching me crucial strategy skills.
~ He loved to watch the bull fights and to this day is the only man I've
ever known to watch them. I still can't bear to watch.
~ He was very religious without blindly following the clergy. He would
have been sad to learn of the ongoing sexual abuse that was covered up
by bishops and cardinals. He would have reminded me that they are mere
mortals - men - first and foremost.
~ He was always very neatly dressed with shoes shined. He believed in
having very clean shoes.
~ He loved my mom's cooking and his favorite cuisine was Mexican.
~ He always wore two rings: one on his ring finger and another on his
left pinky.
~ Dad always had beard stubble no matter what. He would shave with
shaving cream and the old razors but still had "five o'clock shadow"!
~ The one time I really needed him he was there.
~ He'd made several attempts to quit smoking but didn't make it. All the
new Non-Smoking ordinances would have driven him nuts!
~ He didn't drive and felt no shame about it. He was very much his own
~ He had a large stride and I would have to run to keep up with him.
~ Basically every conversation with dad was an opportunity to learn a
new lesson or moral.
~ He loved to go to the horse races. I don't know if he placed bets, but
he liked the atmosphere and freebies.
~ He taught me to take pride in anything I do and to not skimp on

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