Thursday, August 09, 2007

Odeo's Demise...

......has left me very sad. I wish Blogger had bought the service since it integrated so well and easily with their blogs. It was so convenient to record an audio entry in Odeo and simply cut and paste the entry into my Blogger account. The audio would seamlessly play from within Blogger and the listener didn't have to do anything other than click the entry.

I don't know which company bought Odeo, but they've rapidly let it go down the tubes, which is so unfortunate because Odeo had a loyal user base. The site launched when podcasting was just catching fire, so I don't understand how it could fail.

If Odeo had no users then I could understand its parent company wanting to offload it, but it did have users and provided a valuable service for free. I thought Odeo's original creators would care about selling the service to a company intent on maintaining and improving it. Alas, they didn't care and it's my loss.

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SAP said...

Yeah, I hear ya. The last I heard from Odeo is that they were doing some upgrades, but that was last month.

Odeo is now owned by SonicMountain, who promises on their website: will become the portal through which we unveil new tools and utilities that improve the podcasting experience so Stay Tuned!

Still, I really miss the Odeo Studio.