Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen observations when People Watching

~ It's amazing that there is someone for everyone

~ Guys, wearing a totally crisscrossed wrinkled shirt is not cool.

~ In addition to checking the shirt you want to wear for stains, smell the underarm area and make certain there's no body odor.

~ Very few women can correctly walk in high heels. Most are wobbly and shaky.

~ Guys, cologne does wonders.

~ White pants show everything, even your skiddy underwear. Unmarked ones work best.

~ Guys, letting your pants hang down to your ass may be sexy to some, but not when your BVDs are stained, dirty and look like the cat used them as her litter box.

~ Folks poke themselves with abandon in the most disgusting orifices.

~ Wearing a push up bra is only necessary when you're an 'A' or 'B' cup. Anything larger and you look like hard, plastic bowls.

~ Wearing black shorts and black shoes does not mean you should wear black socks too.

~ When wearing a micro-skirt cross your legs when sitting. Not everyone needs to witness your desperation.

~ If you don't want to paint your toe nails fine, but please put cream on your cracked, scabby feet.

~ Color coordination is necessary and not brain surgery.

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