Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Best Buy and my bad experience

Recently Best Buy had a very good price on a Toshiba notebook with Vista. I normally do not shop BB but because the sale was so good, off I went and sure enough, the notebook was in stock on the very last day of the sale. I detest them so much that I waited until the last day hoping they didn't have it!

I was greeted by a very portly and towering sales associate named Todd. He proceeded to upsell the moment I said "I'll take it."

Todd stated that the notebook was "Filled with programs that I didn't need but were installed by the manufacturer. These programs consume a lot of space and should be removed to prevent the computer from operating slowly. Removal is hard and time consuming, but the Geek Squad would do it for $125."


"This notebook comes with Windows Vista, a brand new operating system that hasn't been out very long. It needs to be configured..."

"Are you telling me that Vista is not installed on this computer or that it comes with an upgrade coupon and WXP is installed?"

"Well no, but because it is a new operating system it should be configured by professionals for virus protection, anti-spyware and a host of other things."


"It will only cost $99."

"NO! Just get the notebook and ring me up. I will..."

"You know, all kinds of things can happen if you don't know what you're doing."

"I don't care. Get the notebook and ring up the sale."

So Todd goes off to the stock room presumably to retrieve my computer and no sooner has he departed, then a Squad member from the Geek Squad approached me.

Now the store was bustling and other shoppers were in plain sight either being assisted or waiting to be assisted yet, I didn't witness them receiving the upsell attention that I was.

Then it hit me. The other customers were male and this anal retentive buffon assumed that because I am female, I know nothing.

I recognized however that my anger was with Todd and not the new guy, so I let him begin his spiel and then promptly advised him that:

~ I am not new to computers
~ Have an existing Wi-Fi network with security
~ Use NOD32 anti-virus software
~ Use Spybot and AdAware
~ Know perfectly well how to uninstall unwanted programs
~ Have absolutely no interest in the services of the Geek Squad

He promptly rung up the sale. Thanked me and said I was well prepared.

We're in the new millennium and pompous assholes still treat females as if we know nothing.

Bloody incredible!

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