Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bad Accident

Where Sunset & Hollywood meet @ Hillhurst. We've been driving around in search of a specific frame store that directory assistance doesn't acknowledge exist. Meanwhile, we've been "cruising" Hollyweird Bl. for awhile only to park in front of a frame store and find that it is the store we've been searching for!?! Why couldn't we find it? Maybe because the business merged and uses an entirely different business name!


smilnsigh said...

I don't understand. Why is this such a bad accident? Sorry if i'm dense, but... I don't see much there.


E. said...

Sorry. My photo doesn't do the scene justice. The black car was so horribly mangled, the "jaws of life" had to be used to extricate the driver. The rear driver side wheel is attached by a thread and the interior seating was crushed towards the passenger side. I hope the driver had no passengers because he/she needed room to shove to!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

E...there's no picture showing in the post.

I think its time to give up mobile blogging.

smilnsigh said...

E... Thank's for telling about the condition of the black car. Yikes! Now I can see that it wassssssss a badddddd accident. -sigh-