Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen
13 board games family & friends enjoy playing

~ Rummikub (We have a travel version of this game that is perfect for playing at coffeehouses where table space is limited.)
~ Uno
~ Boggle (Attache versions of this game keep all your pieces in place and this travel version is even more compact.)
~ Scrabble
~ Monopoly Junior (regular Monopoly takes too darned long)
~ Uno Rummy Up
~ Dominoes
~ Trivial Pursuit (best played when your team consists of members from each era!)
~ Uno Dominoes
~ Mille Bourne
~ Backgammon
~ Pictionary
~ Song Burst (You draw a card with a song title and you and you must sing the song lyrics to your team members and get them to name the song. When you can't sing, like I can't, this game proves very challenging, hilarious and lots of fun and embarrassment!)


Crimson Wife said...

I love board & card games! My current favorite is called "Set".

Kristin said...

What a great TT! I would also add Phase 10 to the list.

Jeannine said...

Try Carcassonne! It has very quickly become a favorite in our family!