Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen things about my iPod

~ I love its elegant sleek design.
~ It's light weight and unobtrusive.
~ I don't know why, but I love the color white and for everyone else there's a variety of great colors.
~ The click/scroll wheel is flawless and fantastic navigation.
~ I love the choices in settings from the backlight, to click wheel sound, to speed of playback, etc.
~ The screen is gorgeous and the type clear as a whistle just the way Apple's always done it. It's visually stunning!
~ The audio has clear, crisp sound with decent bass.
~ The organization of playlists and podcasts is understandable and logical.
~ The owner's manual was well written and, like everything Apple does, well designed and visually appealing.
~ It can take a licking and keeps on playing.
~ I like the clearly marked cables with Apple logo and distinct color immediately associating it to the iPod. Have you ever forgotten which cable belonged to what device? It is a royal pain!
~ I wish it had built-in Wi-Fi that allowed me to download new podcasts while on the go from the podcatcher of my choice.
~ I wish I could use other brands of music download services. iTunes needs improvement. I hate it!


Starrlight said...

Good list! Happy TT =)

The Rock Chick said...

I, too, love my iPod. I recently bought an iMac and decided to get the iPod at the same time. I kind of doubted I would use it, but I knew it wouldn't go to waste with four kids!

I was wrong. I put all my music, my little videos of the kids and now I've been downloading some TV shows I've always wanted to see to watch when I'm waiting here or there in the car.

For Mother's Day I'm getting the iTrip which lets you listen to the ipod in your car through your car speakers. Can't wait!!!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

E. said...

Rock Chick, those little white ear buds can instantly put you in calm water when it's most needed! LOL

Jeannine said...

All good reasons to love an i pod :-)
Happy late TT.