Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Oh, my knee!"

I'm sitting here enjoying a total disco jam out and holding my partner in crime hostage. She's a rocker to her core but has confessed to liking the orchestration and percussion of disco so...I've made her a convert. Huge pats on my back for this feat.

Don't know what I did yesterday besides take a step up a stair, but my right knee is totally messed up and I can barely walk. Oh man, aging is a royal *itch, isn't it? I have my knee wrapped in an ice pack and taking Tylenol Arthritis like there's no tomorrow.

Boo wants me to go the doctor but I don't see the point; all they're going to do is prescribe Motrin, tell me to stay off my knee (like I can do that) and keep it on ice. I am already doing these things save for the Motrin because it does absolutely nada for me. I think I'm immune to it after the back injury because it's like candy coated medicine.

Oh, did anyone else catch Keith Richard's April Fools Joke about him snorting his dad's ashes with cocaine? Total riot and many believed it because well, he's Keith Richard's who's fallen on his head twice while gathering coconuts! LOL

Have a good one, cheerio.

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