Thursday, March 22, 2007


We celebrated our 27th Anniversary and I can tell you the years have whizzed past. It's all gone so fast and I'm quite surprised. It's a good thing that it doesn't feel like a long time, right? We still have the twinkle in the eyes for each other and we never seem to run out of things to talk and laugh about.

As we strolled along the streets of Burbank after dinner, we happened upon a discount bookstore. See this is what I love about Boo, I have a huge weakness for books and you would think Boo would discourage me from entering. No, I was encouraged and then missed a must-have book which Boo pointed out to me. I bought Lennon Revealed and of course, will read it at a later time. The book's price read $10 (hardback) but the owner charged us $8 - you know I love a bargain!

We've been on a DVD rental run as of late, so I've been watching a lot of movies. The ones worth mentioning are Casino Royale probably the best Bond flick I've seen in years. I love the grittier, tougher Bond and the use of no gadgets - yea, I did say this! Also To Live a spellbinding story about a Chinese couple's hardship and loss during a forty year span and how in spite of it all, they have the will to live.

I also received my DVD purchase of BBS: The Documentary today (I've been anxiously waiting since last week) and am hoping to view it this weekend. I know it's another weird purchase of mine but this is the kind of fare I like and find interesting.

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