Saturday, March 03, 2007


~ Now that the weather heating up we're privy to sightings of Little Girl as she prances about. A marked change from her condo in the garage where I sometimes do not see her for days. LOL Boo sees her daily as Little Girl is quite smitten with Boo.

~ I've been listening to MP3s on the Creative Muvo and iPod and I have to say that the sound level is much richer, deeper and clearer on the iPod. I don't have to crank up the volume much to clearly hear spoken word since I don't need to prematurely go deaf. It's bloody fantastic and I can't believe it.

I have fallen behind on listening to many things and the only way to catch up was to listen to one show at work and home. I'd sometimes forget where I'd left off and would relisten to parts of a show on both devices, this is how I discovered the differences in quality and listening enjoyment.

~ I've been arriving home too tired with eyes sometimes sizzling from staring at a computer screen at work, that it's affecting my posting. Thank God for the mobile posts or there'd likely be nothing.

One challenge posting from mobile cell presents is typing is cumbersome. Anyone have a better solution they'd like to share? I find the photo quality good enough but the entering of text is a bear.

~ If you haven't tried Google Reader you don't know what you're missing. I love this reader with its expanded view and ability to easily and conveniently share what interests me.

I've also tried standalone readers and Yahoo's but, since I'm always using one of Google's apps or Gmail, it's just so darned convenient with great presentation of topics. Yahoo's is so boring and staid that it's a gigantic leap backwards!

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