Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Thursday Thirteen
13 things I don't like about DVD Bonus features

~ Monotone delivery by director and/or screenwriter that puts me to sleep.
~ Explaining how something that was quite good still didn't make the final release and then not including it in the extras!
~ A two minute blip about anything qualifies as bonus footage.
~ Lack of trivia and details about the cast, filming locations or animals used.
~ Poor sound quality making it difficult to understand commentary.
~ Not discussing the soundtrack and why they chose the music they did. A movie without music would be so dead and boring, we couldn't view it!
~ Definite attitude of boredom or being put out by having to provide extras on commentators behalf.
~ Sharing how this project of theirs was so demanding and grueling but yet, six months later they can't think of anything to say to enlighten/entertain the audience.
~ Not telling us if:
* Easter Eggs are included
* If so, how to access and view them
~ Blow by blow description of what's on screen by the commentator as if I can't see it for myself. ~ Discussing every minute detail about the camera angle and how challenging it was to shoot the scene.
~ Expecting us to pay for an extended version on a second release instead of providing the footage as a bonus to begin with.
~ Very limited, if any, interactivity.

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