Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen
13 things I could give up for Lent (forty days)

~ Watching DVD movies. My cube mates would hate and ostracize me for choosing this. I would become the Step-cube mate.
~ Sweets Not a hard thing to do since I don’t have a sweet tooth and I’m not a chocoholic.
~ Computer/Internet A bit too challenging since I need to work on the computer daily. I can’t take off work for forty days now can I?
~ Potato chips Ahhh, I love the chips and cannot eat a sandwich without them. I eat sandwiches at least twice a week so this would definitely smart.
~ Meat Hmmm, tempting…I could survive without it.
~ Driving I drive less than ever now that Boo and I commute.
~ Listening to Podcasts Blind me, this would hurt – seriously hurt. What would I listen to at work?
~ Watching T.V. Not a challenge because as it is, I DVR everything anyways. I’d just have to see everything on delay, what else is new! LOL
~ Tea (hot or iced) Ohh, I’d be a very grumpy bear each morning. Don’t think my cube mates would appreciate this.
~ Blogging A bit too easy, especially now that I’ve been arriving home so tired.
~ Listening to music Nasty, nasty choice. Just kill me why don’t you?
~ Snapping photos Easy. Haven’t been much in the mood lately so it’s more of uh – whatever.
~ Bread Yum-o. Alas, birthdays are coming up and I don’t want to be a kill joy by not participating.

So what did I decide?

Potato chips. It is a definite weakness of mine and I’m prone to desire chips more than popcorn, so this a real challenge for me and one that, if fulfilled, could potentially relieve me of a very fatty snack.

Wish me luck!


Vera said...

goodluck! I haven't thought of the one thing i;d give up this lenten season. Many on your list have crossed me mind too. But 40 days without chocolate would really make me crazy... :)

My TT is up too :)

Raggedy said...

good luck!

Kimo & Sabi said...

We could not give up the internet either!

Sparky Duck said...

your very brave, I have given up giving up things for lent

E. said...

I am still on target and haven't had a chip yet. Is it hard??? Yes. Am I ready to quit? NO! LOL I CAN do this.