Saturday, February 03, 2007

This N That

~ It's been crazy around here with lots of stuff happening and not enough time for blogging. Tomorrow's the big game and we're off to a party. Seeing as how the temps are finally inching upward, I feel an ice cream social around the corner for dessert?

~ When I upgraded my cell phone last May to a camphone with texting capability, some readers thought I'd:

1) Quickly tire of the new features and cease using them.
2) Find the megapixel of the camera substandard and not use it.
3) Still carry around my regular 5 megapixel camera just in case.

Well I'm happy to report that I regularly use the camphone for texting friends and blogging, snapping photos on the fly and I do not carry the 5 meg camera with me anymore. I don't need it.

The megapixel on the camphone, while nowhere near the quality of my favorite camera, is quite good. I think it's the equivalent of my first 2 megapixel camera save for the flash. I'm lost without my camphone and though it receives heavy use, it's held up great and performs than satisfactorily. Again, this is the best upgrade I've made!

~ My friends love receiving photos of Travel Gnome or Roaming Gnome as my pal Rae has christened him. You can view the new guy's photo with Buddah on the side bar. He's a little too small for larger environments, but then, that's why we also have the Travelocity Gnome.

~ I was elated to find 84 Charing Cross Road one of my favorite films at Amazon. If you're looking for excitement, explosives, sleazy lust scenes, etc. this film is not for you. It's beauty lies in its dialogue and the chemistry between Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins. I was happy when it arrived this week and it's a film I'll soon view again.

~ Still nothing new on the concert scene. No announcements of tour dates by bands I want to see. We are trying to secure tickets to Wicked at the Pantages theater. Most of the dates in the near future are sold out.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend and an even happier big game celebration!

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