Saturday, January 13, 2007

This old house

The house I live in is quite old and I think the insulation has evaporated because it is cold indoors. We've been wearing sweat pants, long sleeved shirts, slippers with socks and, in addition to the floor heater, using a space heater.

Since I'm always cold I also wear a vest to keep my back warm and am constantly drinking piping hot pomegranate tea from The Republic of Tea. A tea so flavorful and fragrant that it's delightful. If you're a tea drinker you have to check them out. Their apricot is fantastic in summer.

Ooops, off on an tangent...I pretty much don't venture out past 7 p.m. because the temps dip and I can't seem to keep warm enough. Life in L.A. means that when we receive word of even the slightest chance of rain, we are on Storm Watch.

This weekend's predicated cold snap has us on Frost Watch. LOL Thankfully, it hasn't materialized yet and I'm very hopeful that weather casters will be wrong. We're off to dinner this evening so I have to grin and bear it if does arrive. Wish me luck!

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

Mmmm. I always like a good tea. When I can remember to make it.