Monday, January 08, 2007

Altec Lansing Speaker System

Thanks to Boo's job and the gift cards won, I bought the above system without using any of our cash! Yep, I like that a whole lot. Best Buy had a sale on a 2.1 system that I couldn't pass up - remember, Boo admonished me to buy a back speaker system now so that I'm prepared if/when my Yamaha system dies.

Of course, Boo may have felt this way because I was missing my speakers and music when I thought they'd died. Apologizing for my freak out didn't seem to help or change anything so...I succumed and followed Boo's advice. LOL It's not often Boo actively encourages me to spend money and buy electronics. This may be a very good year, indeed.

The weekend was very busy but fun. Little Girl had a vet appointment Saturday and all her bloodwork came out shining. She is in very good health and will have her teeth cleaned in February - dental month. She's always been Boo's cat, but I think she's loosening up as she let me pet her Saturday morning and visited with me.

We celebrated our first birthday on Wednesday night and then celebrated it again Sunday. The birthday gal has already spent her gift certificate, which surprised us since we had taken bets on how long it would last. We both lost and will not bet again. ;-)

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