Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Rose Parade

Paseo Colorado
an open air shopping center with residential condos above the shops is in the heart of downtown Pasadena.

The Rose Parade is the next big local event in my area and many spectator bleachers have been in place since Thanksgiving weekend. Many condo owners and apartment dwellers have awakened each morning to an ugly site for at least one month. In more trafficked areas like this shopping center the stands were erected within the last two weeks.

It was pretty empty while we there, it was late afternoon on a weekday post Christmas. The folks present seemed to have the same idea, if you need something get it now because in two days we won't want to be here. The temporary fencing was also visible to prevent public access to the shops that will be closed during the parade.

We decided to visit to the area before the madness truly begins and folks are roller skating along the main thoroughfare (Colorado Bl.) causing delays of up to 30 minutes to drive two blocks. The crowds are well behaved and there is no more beautiful sight than a float made entirely of organic matter.


smilnsigh said...

But if these viewing stands are erected there... these front viewing condo owners have a fantastic site for viewing! I suppose all their friends/acquaintances want to 'drop by,' for the parade. ,-)


E. said...

A VERY positive viewpoint and correct! I know I'd like to have one of these condo owners as an acquaintance. LOL