Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Lazy Day

I am not fond of cold rainy weather and am even less excited about being out and about in it. So it was quite surprising to find me at Wal*Mart today. We decided to do general grocery shopping (yes, I do so love my new Super Wal*Mart) and it wasn't bad at all. The store had shoppers and I found a parking space right in the front. The checkout lanes were empty and we waltzed right in and out.

The rain abated for the most part until we returned to my mother's house. Once nestled indoors we watched her new 42" Sony television and I have to say, her TV has one spectacular picture. Of course, it will look much better with satellite or cable service once I order it.

It seems the majority in her neighborhood are DirecTV subscribers, even so I continue hoping and searching for a cable company in her area. I'm a staunch supporter of cable service and I would prefer this route to satellite. Again I ask, does anyone know of a website to help me determine which if any cable company serves my mom's area?

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