Thursday, December 21, 2006

Computer Speakers

I’ve been very bummed about my external computer speakers dying, but too busy to shop for new ones. I spent a nice chunk of money on my Yamaha system five years past, so I am not eager to spend that kind of money again. Instead I bought a $40 Radio Shack system with sub-woofer for $15.00 and I got what I paid for. They're tinny sounding, have no separate control for bass and treble and vibrate as the volume is increased. They'll be returned tomorrow.

As usual, every place wants to sell you an extended warranty. The Radio Shack kid behind the counter was touting the many benefits of the mere $5.00 add on.

“If your speakers die for any reason, simply bring it back and we’ll exchange it.”

“Really. That’s not been my experience. We returned an item supposedly covered on an extended warranty and, since the item was no longer sold by Radio Shack, we were simply out of luck.”

“Oh no, you should’ve been given a gift card to compensate you.”

“Well, we weren’t. Just ring up the speakers.”

Of course, if I ever find a great deal on an Altec Lansing, Yamaha or Creative speaker system with sub-woofer, I’ll grab it. This is what I had and loved but can't find anymore.

While out and about last night, it looked like folks were stressing as they hurriedly scoured for a coveted parking space and the elusive gift. I am so glad we’re not caught up in the last minute hunt. It’s kind of fun though, to sit back and watch people frantically scurry like lost chickens. I haven’t seen tempers flare yet, though we did hear many a blaring horn from the driver who didn’t get the parking space.

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