Sunday, December 24, 2006

A very Merry Christmas!

From Southern California where it's 79 degrees and sunny. I know, you die hard snow lovers can't begin to imagine how sad I must feel without snow but, truth be known, I love my palm trees and warm weather and wouldn't have Christmas any other way. So to my friends, God bless and may you have a very peaceful and happy Christmas celebration!


Andrea said...

Happy Christmas!! I love the giant inflatable!


smilnsigh said...

I just found out you have another Blog, this one!!! Just being on Dec. 26th at 11:19am est. :-)

Only knew of 'My Still Life.' Wow I am slow. -grin-

Hope your Christmas was a happy one.

And yes, I do remember White Christmas's, here in the NE. But nothing but rain, this one. Oh, except for the snow shower which greeted my husband and I, when we came home from next door son-and-family's home, where we had a family Christmas dinner.

Yes, there was a snow shower. It wasn't just the Champagne. -grin-