Saturday, November 25, 2006

We are Set!

We spent the day decorating the outside with a new color scheme and decorations. I love blue and I've always desired a flocked Christmas tree with blue lights. The most beautiful tree I have ever seen was decorated by our friend Lita way back in 1990, it was the exact tree I've just described and I couldn't stop admiring it.

Throughout the Christmas party I remained seated close to the tree. I just wanted to wile away my time looking at her tree. Boo told me it looked like a Hannukah bush and there ended my hope of ever having such a tree.

Well as we were shopping at my favorite store...which is it?....Target we happened upon the new LED light sets. Boo had been commenting about the set of blue lights my mom had us decorate with on Thanksgiving day, so we checked out Target's assortment.

It took me sixteen years, gosh - that sounds so sad, doesn't it?, but I finally have the outside decorated as I would like. These new LED lights are totally awesome and bright, but it's best to offset them with regular lights to add balance.

As I eagerly waited for night to fall, I noticed that we're the first house in the neighborhood decorated for Chrismtas and this just makes me feel even happier! LOL We were standing outside admiring the lgihts when we were heard our neighbor across the street yell "Babe, did you see the house across the street?" Boo and I laughed and I felt warm, tingly and quite content.

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