Saturday, November 18, 2006

Spent the day out and about, did lunch with the gals at Bennihana's, then spent the day shopping at JoAnn's Etc. This version is much larger than the regular JoAnn's and carries a larger variety of seasonal items, ceramics, trees, scrapbooking and rubber stamping materials, as well as lots of awe inspiring fabric.

Speaking of rubber stamping, I did not make any Halloween or Thanksgiving cards. I never even got close to the craft area. Time's just breezing past and I can't seem to keep up. Anyone feeling this way?

I know we're in November, I write the date daily for different projects, there's a definite disconnection regardless. The Ontario Mills Mall is now dressed and primed for the Christmas shopping frenzy and still I'm not in the mood to shop. Maybe I need Christmas music or something - I really don't know.

We wound the day by wine tasting at the Fillipi winery in Rancho Cucamonga. We did buy a couple of gifts and the gals found some items for co-workers. The sunset was spectacular and we found two new wines to add to our growing list. I think we're doing lunch again in two weeks and this time it will be Italian cuisine followed by another wine tasting - I can't wait!

Oh, I finally made it to my favorite store Target and bought John Legend's and Lionel Richie's Christmas CD sampler. There are like seven songs on each CD and I paid $6.99. No surprise that the pricing is basically $.99 a tune a la theiTunes music
store. I can dig the price since I like both artists a lot and they're singing standards. How can they mess up Christmas songs? I am still holding out on buying music online, though.

Blogger's acting odd; I did the Top 5 on Friday meme yesterday and the post doesn't
show. Not only doesn't it show, I can't find a draft of it anywhere. So disappointing too as I worked on it for quite awhile. Well, I'm not redoing it. Maybe next week's will post.

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