Thursday, November 30, 2006

Five things that annoyed me today:

~ SUV drivers parking in the space directly opposite me and leaving their lights on as they sit in their truck, striking me square in the face.
~ Parents cursing in front of their young, impressionable children.
~ Impatient drivers honking at pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk on a green light.
~ Adults purposely littering when a trash can is less than five steps away.
~ Rude drivers stealing parking spaces from the elderly who are less agile and fast.

And on a very positive note, two great things happened today :

~ The neighbor across the street came over this morning as I was rushing off to work to compliment and thank us for the wonderful Christmas decorations. How's that for a fantastic start of the day? Absolutely fabulous - that's how!

~ I received wonderful comments to yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post and it was wonderful to logon this evening and read them. A wonderful way to end this day.

I feel very blessed today, thank you!

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