Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I've run out of space!

Anyone with a computer, external speakers, a DSL/Cable modem, router, desk lamp, answering machine, etc. knows how easy and quickly it is to run out of electrical outlets.

The photo on the left shows the original set up. I didn't have room for a desk lamp. The choice was to either plug in another power strip (increasing the outlets and power) or use a new type of extension cord.

The photo on the right shows how new cord removed one power block from the mix and opened two slots: one for the original item and the other for a lamp. I can now see what I'm typing without straining my eyes or squinting!

I found these power strip mini cords in the Miles Kimball mail order catalog and I prefer these to others sold at Linen N Things because they're separate and individual where the others are connected like an octopus. It's easier for me to maneuver and use.

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