Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today was a very off day for me. I felt so tired and lethargic, I even took a 1-1/2 hour nap!

Has anyone else noticed that the sun's axis has already changed? The sun's intensity has diminished and it feels like the beginning of autumn, not that I'm complaining about the temps.

I will miss the longer days and dread the "falling back in time" for Daylight Savings Time. I still don't understand why we do it?

Boo is such a sweetheart. We spoke on the phone Friday and I mentioned what I needed from Fry's and how they had two desired items. Boo went to Fry's during lunch and bought what I wanted. See, that's love and dedication and I am so thankful for you, Sweetie!

I now have a multi-card reader and two gig SD card for my new Canon. I reformatted the 512 meg SD card from my Muvo MP3 player to use as a back up for the camera.

Reformatted the one gig SD card I had for the camera (remember, I now have a new 2 gig card) and filled it up with podcasts and music for work. I am a very happy camper and will undoubtedly be very productive in the coming weeks!

I could use one more multi-card reader for work. We're always snapping shots at work and it would be so convenient for transferring the photos. I've been bringing the camera home and downloading the photos, which means delayed gratification for my pals.

Hmmm, there maybe another Fry's run tomorrow. The multi-card reader has a mail-in rebate which makes the card reader free. I like free.

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