Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Little Ghost

Boo, as well as friends and co-workers, have suggested that I don't have a klepto ghost that it's just me losing things. Okay, let's roll with that thought, shall we?

If it is only me, where have I lost the CDs to? I don't transport my CDs anymore, since listening to music on my iPod via the Griffen FM transmitter.

I don't take the CDs to work with me, either. I listen to my Muvo MP3 player as I work. The work computer's CD player is total trash. It skips and the bay door opens on occasion when it wants. So listening to my Muvo's the best solution.

Let's say they're lost in the house. Okay, I have been on another cleaning spree yesterday and thus far nothing. I've cleaned my den area - around the computer and CD storage - and there's no trace of missing CDs.

I've checked and double checked the entertainment center and the missing CDs are not there. I don't have many places where they could have gone off to, save for linen closet and cupboard space....and, no surprise, they're not there.

It's like they've simply disappeared and I'm getting angrier and angrier. I hope my socks start missing instead of CDs. No more CDs please! LOL

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

The ghost is telling you that Mariah is bad...very bad...