Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feline Thursday

Your cat uses her 24 whiskers to measure space. They protect your cat’s eyes and, if the whiskers clear the width of an opening, your cat knows that her entire body can slide through.

Uh, as this photo illustrates, my boy definitely relies on his whiskers! He’s a …. healthy cat that simply requires a little space when bathing! Hecklers, you know who you are, need not comment. Stick to the CDs, okay!?!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Aw BELLY KITTY! My Buddah has quite a belly too. He's darling.

I take it your ghost still has your CDs?

Elena said...

You're incorrigible! Yes, he/she does have them. I cannot find them anywhere. Even searched my trunk so desperate am I! I MAY - that's big may - I have to buy them again. You know I hate giving the RIAA anymore of my hard earned money and, of course, they're no longer on sale. I should set up a Ghost Fund! LOL LOL