Friday, January 13, 2006

Received an email inquiring where the cable internet came from and realized that this is one of my unposted posts! Hopefully, this explains how that all came about.

Cable Company Offer

Way back in February of 2005, Boo responded to a letter from the FTC regarding our Cable Company's handling of premium channels. A class action lawsuit had been filed and, if we were affected, we could possibly receive a year's worth of premium channels free or six months of free Internet.

Boo applied and we'd forgotten about it. Well, last week (mid - December 2005) our cable company contacted us to tell us that we were eligible. So, we're receiving six months of free Internet and the installer is arriving in two weeks. The installation must occur Before the end of 2005. I still can't believe our luck and keep thinking it's going to disappear! Boo's ecstatic, of course.

I thought we'd have to let the free offer pass since we do not have an extra computer with built-in ethernet to connect the Cable Internet to. However, Boo has rationalized the need for us to take advantage of this offer and so, Boo's decided that we will buy a new notebook computer. Now you understand that we already have DSL, which I've been quite smitten with. The rational is that we'll do comparison speed tests!

I laughed and explained how it's the equivalent of me buying new drapes, deciding they don't match the existing carpet and deciding we need to re-carpet! Oh well, it's Boo's decision and it can never - ever be said that I came up with this one! LOL

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And dare I was a very WISE decision! LOL