Saturday, January 14, 2006


I lucked out and found DMBW for Boop's birthday. Thank God for Borders Books and coupons: I didn't end up having to pay a ridiculous price! We know those record companies love to gouge the hell out of us.

I'm still searching for a great price on a wireless router and am hopefull Comp USA or Circuit City will have awesome MLK, Jr. sales. If not, I'll have to break down and pay $30 or so for the darn thing. I'm not looking forward to that.

One thing about David Bowie is his music never gets old. I'm listening to one of his best songs Heroes and nothing beats hearing this on loud volume - nothing. Thanks to the Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter I could also listen to it in the car. It's snug connection with the iPod makes for excellent reception. Thanks, Boo for the jamming Christmas gift!

In between the hundreds of songs, I also have my Podcasts intermixed and it makes for fantastic road trip accompaniment. It also means I have more gear to lug around. I always have my digital camera and PDA. Now with the iPod, I needed a larger bag to hold my gadgets and tote around. Woe to the punk who messes with me. One slap of my bag will be lethal! LOL

Last item, our printer karma's improving; the Lexmark is printing again. Yea, funny thing, you change the cartridge and it uh - prints! Yep, that's all it needed, though, Boo is now eyeing laser printers and negotiating for a Samsung model. Just my luck, I threw in the towel too quickly.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh I love Heros. Hated it when the Wallflowers covered it. That was murder, and I'm a Wallflowers fan too.

Blondie said...

it shows how far behind in technology I am.. no home computer, no ipod and definitely none of those gismos! But I've gotten a new mobile (LG U880) that downloads and plays music, so I can drive people on the bus mad with my earphone speakers blaring. ;) They're getting thrashed, and they're a bit mainstream, but Rogue Traders woke me up properly on the bus trip in this morning.