Monday, January 16, 2006

Random Ten
10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

My mom bought a new stereo and these are the songs we listened to as she broke it in. Mom knew many of the artists after hearing a few bars! ;-)

~ Rolling Stones Brown Sugar
~ Van Morrison Blue Money
~ Santana Oye Como Va
~ Rod Stewart I'm Losing You
~ Al Green Tired of Being Alone
~ The Jackson Five Never Can Say Goodbye
~ Sly & the Family Stone Family Affair
~ Marvin Gaye Mercy, Mercy Me
~ Staple Singers Respect Yourself
~ Undisputed Truth Smiling Faces


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I know I heard a Rod Stewart song this weekend. And I can't remember which one it was. Great choices btw...and I reallly love that quilt. Did you buy one?

Elena said...

No, I didn't buy any of these. I have bought some from my neighbor who's a quilter and I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to get her to make me this quilt (the musical one).