Monday, January 02, 2006

Random Ten
10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

A lot of this weekend's music has Depeche Mode and oddly enough, an accordian player. Yep, you heard correctly, an accordian player. Who, by the way, offered to perform song requests. Now, I'm not normally thrown for a loop, but he got me with this one. For the life of me, I couldn't think of one song.

~ Volare!
~ Theme from the Godfather
~ That's Italia
Uh, just how pathetic am I for knowing the accordian player's play list?

~ A Pain that I'm Used to
~ John the Revelator
~ The Sinner in Me
~ I Want it All
All songs from Depeche's Playing the Angel CD

~ Don Henley Dirty Laundry
~ Don Henley All She Wants to do is Dance
~ Mariah Carey It's Like That

The photo has nothing to do with music, but everything to do with the downpour that's been pounding So Cal. We've had one storm after another since New Year's Eve. If you watched the Rose Parade, you know what I'm talking about. LOL

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

I feel guilty for not liking the new Depeche CD. I feel the same way about the new Madonna.

I love those two Don Henley tracks though!

Thanks for playing. Oh and the rain is coming down in SW PA too. Blech!