Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Punky's Birthday Celebration

It's barely three days into the New Year and already, I've celebrated a birthday. This year was different because she's actually home on her birthday. Usually she's in Texas celebrating the holidays with ther family. It was great celebrating her birthday on her actual day.

Tonight we ate pizza and had a black bottom banana cream pie that was oh so sinful. That slice put me way over the top and I was happy that I only ate two slices of pizza! It's our norm to go out for our birthdays, so Saturday we're dining at our favorite BBQ restaurant and then doing movie night.

The first day back at work after a four day weekend is a bitch! I came home so tired and not sure I'd be much company, but after seeing Punky's face light up, it was all worth it. We had a good time and had fun catching up. Five chatty gals makes for a lot of convo! LOL

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