Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lunch time

Had a little scare today as the gals and I went to a hamburger joint for lunch. The place was packed, the kind of crowded where you have to share a table with strangers. So we finally received our orders and are chatting and eating and laughing and eating when Boop tells us, "that's my alarm."

Well it didn't register with any of us as we kept eating and Boop remained seated. Had it been my car alarm, I would have been saying "that's my alarm!" as I was in motion to the car! She finally repeats it again, "That's my alarm!" and we all rose and left.

Approaching her SUV nothing seemed amiss and the street was jam packed with people. As we reached the car, the driver's side window was halfway down. What I can't figure out is how they got her power window down?

We checked the vehicle and nothing was stolen. She had her purse with I.D. with her, so they didn't steal her personal information, but I'm still troubled about what they were trying to do and how no one seemed bothered by the car's alarm.

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