Saturday, December 31, 2005

God must be Angry!

It's going to be a wet New Year's Eve! It's been raining since this morning and I'm glad I didnt' go grocery shopping as I'd planned, because the cable installer arrived an hour earlier.

The poor guy said he normally does five installs daily, today they chose to saddle him with ten - double the load on a very cold, rainy day. And, no surprise, he wants to go home early today!

I was prepared as far as having the TV moved away from the wall, the notebook setup and the desk free of any obstruction. Still, it took him forty five minutes to install because he had to drill from the basement. I can't begin to imagine what a dusty and muddy mess that was!

I've checked out the cable and do not find it much faster than my DSL. I've downloaded a large file that I'd previously downloaded and it took the same time. Unless the speed dramatically improves over the six months we have free service, I'm sticking with the less expensive DSL!

Okay, I'm off to pick up the prime rib for tomorrow's dinner, supper and a movie. Everyone be safe!

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