Monday, February 28, 2005


So I took a train ride up to Hollywood today because the Oscars have ended and I figured I could actually walk around a little, maybe snap a few photos, enjoy the sunlight and chill. Afterall, most of the tourists should be gone by now or hitting the attractions besides Hollywood.

Sure enough, the barricades were coming down along with the lighting and scaffolding. The train ride there and back was interesting because I noticed how many people were lost in their own world, heads bobbing, feet tapping and some hands strumming. I wondered what kind of music they were listening to and if I'd like it or recognize the artist.

Then I read another interesting and exciting article about iPod DJing, the act of hooking up one's iPod to a club's system and playing tunes from their iPod for everyone to hear. The first time I read about this was an article in the New York Times. I'm intrigued by this and wonder if anyone frequents a club where they do this? I would think I have a club or coffeehouse in the L.A. area that's doing it. We're usually on the cutting edge. I just have to find it so I can check it out. I think it would be a total blast and a fantastic way to be turned on to new music.

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