Thursday, February 17, 2005


The meterologists have been predicting rain since last Saturday and it finally arrived. We exited the theater to see folks arriving with wet umbrellas and the sound of tires screeching on the wet asphalt. I'm glad the rain arrived in the evening and all we had left to do was pick up our car from the mechanic. Both cars are due for smog checks this year and we wanted to get a jump on taking care of it. They're both passed and ready to receive their stickers and registration.

Today we saw Sideways which I really enjoyed. I loved the dysfuncitonality of the two main characters and their interaction with the women they met. There were no action scenes or explosions. This film is about relationships and the dynamics each individual contributed. A great movie and one I'd consider buying. It really left me thinking.

Feeling good and not very tired, we then snuck into Million Dollar Baby, a film we'd wanted to see for sometime. The lighting in this film is very dark and it creates the grimy and gritty reality of the boxing world. I had not read reviews of this film and was unsure what it was about. The boxing scenes are very graphic and I wouldn't suggest taking children to view it. I know it's not rated for children, but how many adults without sitters, still opt to take their child?

This is a very heavy film that brings into focus one's right to self determination. At what point does the medical community release a patient? When does a patient have the right to determine what is quality of life? It's a captivating film and I clearly understand why it's been nominated. After seeing Million Dollar Baby and Ray, I feel Million Dollar Baby should receive the Oscar. We'll see soon enough.

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