Friday, February 04, 2005

Fitting in a Box

I was thinking about how important it is for some people to fit things in boxes. The music box fit means that you can play only one genre of music each day. If you start with R&B, your day ends with R&B. Any deviation is sacrilegious and subject to severe penalty.

What's up with me, you're wondering. Well, toay at work, this very unimaginative, stick-up-your-butt type of fool, went off because I was now listening to Seals & Croft. See, he'd passed twice before and heard the Moody Blues. The second pass he said he heard Luther Vandross and various R&B. I guess, the third pass was the charm because he informed me of my infraction.

I must've had my "you're an ignoramus asshole" expression on my face because after he shared his limited view with me, he abruptly departed - yea! Shortly after our very unenlightening exchange, Seals & Croft ended and I listened to funk - old skool funk and I loved it!

May the Goddess of Music never - ever - let my musical taste become so limited that I can't listen to and experience all kinds of music. There's a whole world of creativity out there and I don't want to miss any of it. So Butt Face, you're gonna have to learn to deal!

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