Friday, January 07, 2005

Ten Things You Look Forward to Doing in 2005

- Spending quality time with B., Buddah and mom.

- Going to Vegas. I've been wanting to go for sometime and the more time passes, the worse my mood gets regarding getting there.

- Doing more outdoor activities. Whether it's walking around my neighborhood, at the beach or hiking. I need to spend more time outdoors.

- Concerts...I never tire of going to concerts. Nothing equals hearing a live performance. Don't know who's coming to L.A. yet, but if it's someone I like, I'll be there! Hopefully, U2 and the Boss will tour.

- Snapping more photos and improving my photography and my perspective.

- Reacquainting with dear friends. Oh, how guilty I am of not making time to spend with dear friends. B. and I attended our friend's mothers funeral. We'd been planning to "get together and do lunch/dinner". Well, it never happened and we were finally together at her mother's funeral service. That brought it home like being struck by a boulder on the head!

- Music, music, music - buying more and staying on top of the new acts signed to labels, as well as the indie artists.

- I'm out on a limb here....I'm looking forward to going to a play. You catching this, Love? I'll be happy if we attend one play. It doesn't have to be a large venue or expensive production. Some of the best theater is in small, intimate venues.

- Saving....I need to save money. I feel we hemorrhaged in 2004, so 2005 is the year of saving.

- To getting away once each quarter. It will be local destinations, but I'm feeling the need for travel to Santa Barbara, the mountains, San Diego, Julian, Big Bear.

- And finally, how about something I look forward to receiving? I look forward to receiving a gift off my wish list from a non-family member or friend. Why? Because it's never happened and there's nothing like being surprised. My list isn't unreasonable or too expensive, especially if you shop at Frys. How can it be a surprise then? Well, if my postal address is requested, I don't know what they're sending, right? So it's still a surprise! LOL

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