Thursday, January 20, 2005

Pissed off mood and Boop got it!

Boop, my partner in crime at work, is always late for work. I'm talking 30 to 50 minutes late, each and every day. Who's got her back? I do. Who does she call for help? Me. So when I arrived at work yesterday and was greeted by stacks of boxes in my cube I was pissed! I'm an easy going, laid back person, but do not piss me off, because if you do, it's on!

So my cube is so stuffed with shit, I can barely ease into my chair and sit at my desk. From over the cube Boop shouts, "Rae sent you those boxes." Now, we never - ever - accept boxes in our cube, we have a special area for storage. So I'm wondering and seething, "WTF, why would you have them dump this shit in my cube????" Boop: "We'll get them out of your cube in awhile." Well, I'm beyond "in awhile". I'm seeing red. I'm miffed. I'm hurt. And I'm angry. Here I am always having Boop's back and she can't take care of my space? Nah.

So the morning progresses when Boop asks the magical question, "what's wrong?" Wrong thing to ask. I let her have it, when she sheepishly responded that she'd told Rae, "don't leave the boxes in her cube. She's gonna be mad and I'm gonna get into trouble." To which I added, "even more reason why you should have insisted - even blocking Rae's path if necessary - that the boxes not be left here! So don't complain and whine when I'm chewing your ass. You knew, you knew I'd be pissed, so just deal!"

"Let it ring!" Boop: "Panchita? I'll call you back. Elena's yelling at me. I'm in trouble!" I told Boop, don't never - ever - do this again or I will skewer your ass! Paybacks are sweet and your ass is mine now. Just wait. I'll bide my time. You remember that!" By the end of the day, I gave Boop her birthday gift - which she absolutely loved - and then we laughed and talked.

This morning I came into work and yelled at Boop some more. Apparently, I hadn't quite worked everything out of my system. But I'm feeling very good now! LOL

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