Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday Madness

1. Are you more likely to rent or buy DVD's (VHS's)? Why? Lately, I've been inclined to buy DVDs, because the rental period is so limited. However, since Blockbuster has ended late fees, I may change and return to renting. I haven't tried Netflix yet because I can't get past paying a monthly

2. If you rent DVD's, do you bother viewing the 'Behind the Scenes' or watching the entire movie again with commentary on? Oh I absolutely loved watching the behind the scenes. I often learn tidbits about the production of the movie or an experience certain actors had, etc. For example, in the film Dodgeball, the actor named Justin ? (sorry can't remember his last name) is repeatedly hit with the dodgeball. Was the ball real or form as my neighbor insisted? It was real and you know, you know that had to smart.

3. Do you think these features warrant the extra cost for DVD? (Afterall, we were able to buy new release VHS for $9.99 prior to DVD). Not really. I think the MPAA realized that consumers are getting wiser and we want our money's worth. If you're gonna force us to upgrade from video and you're charging us more, you'd better give us a carrot! LOL

4. What's your favorite DVD (or VHS) in:
*Drama The Deer Hunter
*Comedy Sleepless in Seattle
*Action Pirates of the Carribean
*Suspense/Thriller The Usual Suspect
*Horror Jeepers Creepers

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