Saturday, January 22, 2005

Borders Arcadia, CA

After perusing this morning's newspaper and spotting an ad for the new restaurant row and Borders Books, we just had to check it out! We spent the day hanging out at the Arcadia mall (AKA Santa Anita mall) and enjoying the opening of one of our favorite restaurants - Market City Caffe. They used to be located in old town Pasadena, but left about four years ago after a kitchen fire. I've missed this restaurant and long mourned its closing.

We soaked in the California sun and had a leisurely linner (it's a cross between a late lunch and early dinner). Afterwards, we walked to Borders where I was in heaven! We bought books, yes - what a shocker. I bought a paperback by Dan Brown Digital Fortress, the Almost Famous (one of my all time favorite rock and roll related flicks) and CDs: Eurythmics Greatest Hits, The Essential Cyndi Lauper, The B52's Time Capsule (with Rock Lobster!) and The Best of the Moody Blues. I'm a sucker for CDs priced $9.99 - how can anyone refuse buying at such a bargain basement price?

We spent a lot time at Borders and it was obviously the happening place. I spent my time in the CD and DVD sections, while B. hung out in books - mostly humor and Sci-Fi. I couldn't find an empty seat in the place and most aisles had people sprawled on the floor reading and perusing magazines. I chuckled to myself as I recalled a scene from You've Got Mail when the big, bad Fox books opens and people arrive with thermos and cushion in tow to the bookstore. That's what Borders looked like! I wanted to snap a photo but was sadly too chicken.

The coup de gras came when we stopped at Target and bought Napoleon Dynamite. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this movie is destined for cult classic status and it's a flick I'll watch again and again. If you liked Shallow Hal or Dumb & Dumber or Stuck on You, you love this flick.

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