Monday, January 24, 2005

Auto Accident

Last night we arrived home around 8 p.m. to find emergency vehicles, hear blaring sirens and see the entire neighbordhood within a one block radius outside. Our neighbor shared, that minutes prior to our arrival home, two men were racing their trucks through the residential neighborhood. Upon striking another vehicle head on, their path now blocked, they each opted to back out of the street and flee in the night.

It appears the female passenger was not wearing her seatbelt and fire personnel took several minutes to extricate her from the car. Where she'd hit the windshield was painfully obvious and I could see she was in enormous pain. How someone can cause such devastation and simply leave is beyond me.

I found myself feeling very thankful that we were delayed or it could have easily been us. I often use the street of the accident to come home. I had no idea we had teenagers or irresponsible adults racing through the neighborhood. My thoughts and prayers are with the accident victims and their families.

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